The first Kongoni Screenshots ever

Kongoni’s second baseline release will be the first public release of the distribution. At this point in time it is extremely close to being released and you can expect it to be officially announced sometime in the next 48 hours (don’t hold me to this as a promise though – we are community project and we do not set or do deadlines).

But with that in mind, I felt I should give a taster of what Kongoni is like, so I did a screenshot tour from the ISO build that we will be releasing which shows of quite a bit of the system. It’s not very in depth into things like the ports tree (for that check out the kongoni website) because screenshots are highly unideal for showing things like that off. Instead it focuses on the visual aspects of the system as it will be encountered by a first time user, through a first install in the normal “launch installer from live” mode. The “just install” option is extremely similar but because it doesn’t use the desktop it is faster and works well on lower memory systems or for rapid deployments (such as perhaps if you remastered a disc with your needed add-ons for your environment and want to just clone your install around fast).

So without further ado: the first ever screenshots of kongoni:
(click here to view it in a new window instead)