My interview with MJ Smith

So basically, interviewing your friends on your blog is a thing now. MJ started it, but you know I wouldn't be me if I just went and did a thing, I have to make it my own. 

So for my interview with her… I'm adding commentary. Blue is the original questions – black is her answers – and green is my comments.



According to you – who are the top 5 sexiest rock stars of either
gender, of all time ?

• Rob Zombie

• Ville Valo (HIM)

• Kurt Cobain (Nirvana)

• David Draiman (Disturbed)

• Shaun Morgan (Seether)

Now see, the thing here is, there are two people on this list who are also on my list. And no, I aint telling. If you're supposed to know, you already do.


Name three things within 5 meters of you right now that are battery-powered.

• Blackberry

• Calculator

• Kodak Camera

Yep, that list is totally what I had in mind with this question. Note to self: change this question and ask for 5 next time so they can't skimp out.


Recipe for your favourite cocktail ?

•1 part  vodka

•1 part  tequila

•1 part  rum

•1 part  gin

•1 part  triple sec

•1 1/2 part  sweet and sour mix

•1 splash  Coca-Cola®


Mix ingredients together over ice in a glass. Pour into a shaker and give one brisk shake. Pour back into the glass and make sure there is a touch of fizz at the top. Garnish with lemon.


I was gonna make a funny comment but… that sounds fucking delicious ! I want one now ! 


If Grateful Dead fans are Deadheads, and Led Zeppelin fans are
Ledheads what does that make Iron Maiden fans ?

• Uhm…. Ironheads, Maidenheads … I have no clue

Let me explain how this question goes. See if you're shy you say "Ironheads", if you're feeling cheeky you say "Maidenheads"… you're not supposed to give BOTH the right answers and then say you don't KNOW the right answer. Trust MJ to make the question seem a lot less clever than when I came up with it… it's very rude to outsmart your interviewer okay.


If you had to spend a day in public wearing only one single item of
clothing. What would you choose ?

• Pants

Now see, me, call me shy but if I was a girl and somebody asked me this I would have said something like "ankle-length cloak"  or "raincoat" or something. So everybody please applaud MJ for having the courage to spend a day in public, topless.

What can you never leave home without ?

• My phone


You stole that answer from everybody.

What is the subject line of the last e-mail you received (before this one).

• RE:Interview …. I don't get many emails

So much for a bit of an insight into your life through a glimpse at your private communications. Note to self: next time ask about 'last text you got'. 

What pets do you have ?

2 x cats ~ Rocky and Mimi

Aawww… I love kitties. But if you put rocky in boxing gloves I'll complain. It would be cruel… awesome, but cruel.


If you could rule the world for 5 minutes – what would you do ?

• I'm pretty sure if this were to happen, I'd probably spend those 5 minutes trying to figure out what I'd do but I would have to say everyone in the world must tell someone they love them.

I vote MJ gets to be ruler of the world for ever. If she does that the whole time she'll be the best ruler of anywhere ever.


Leather, spandex or latex for your superhero costume ?

Spandex (and definitely a cape)

I will not be giving any personal comment here. I'll leave the replying to Edna. But hell yeah on the Spandex.