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  • Rob Manzoni

    I had some contact with you a while back about setting up OUTCAFE at our Porterville Flyers’ Lodge – a paragliding lodge for visitors from everywhere.

    I run only Linux (OpenSuSE 11.1), but I’m pretty useless with anything more technical than the odd update; and I’ve delayed learning how to use the system for too long. While we’re usually able to rely on a guests honesty in declaring how much time they’ve used (we charge 30c a minute), some people are less than fair… One of our ‘guests’ – a German 4X4 Africa-overlander has been staying in our back field paying almost nothing (claiming small budget); and he’s now abusing our wireless internet via Skype Video – he’s gone through 2.5 GB in one 24-hour period and capped the system.

    Is it a very complicated procedure to set up your OUTCAFE? Will I need help – and can you suggest where I can find someone to do a setup?


    Rob Manzoni

    PS: How’s your LINUX OS progressing?

  • Leo

    Well, I came here looking for your gamepack for lazarus, which I couldn’t find at svn://

    Is it still up?

    Thanks :)