Dec 082009

Sunday’s shoot which mentioned in my last post, was a shoot on request. Over-all we took more than 270 pictures. Of those – about 46 were kept and will be delivered to Catherine who had originally requested I do the shoot for them.
I didn’t want to publish the full set that was, after all, done specifically for them – but I did have permission to keep a few so I decided to publish just my personal top-10 pictures, the two best of each of the five ladies. There is a lot more in there – many of them very good – but these are my personal favorites.
No doubt some people when looking at the whole set will rate some of the others higher, but that’s subjective. All the pictures are good (if they were not, they’d have been in the almost 230 I deleted) but these are, to me personally, the ones I liked best.
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Nov 012009

I took these pictures at decodance. Nightclubs are always hard places to shoot in, but Deco actually isn’t that bad, they have these hanging silver pyramids on the roof that make wonderful flash reflectors.

I think I love Halloween though, so many opportunities to shoot girls in weird and wonderful costumes.

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Sep 152009

This is almost a follow-up to the previous photoblog as these shots were taken roughly one hour later, while we all went for a beer a Paulaner Brauhaus in the waterfront (really great beer btw).

I post them without much further comment.

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Sep 062009

So your best friends and your ex-girlfriend with whom you’re still friends somehow all end up unexpectedly at your house on a hot Saturday afternoon ? What to do, what to do. Well obviously, break out the liquor and take lots of pictures. Of course, it was the worst time of the day lighting wise, so most of what I took was trashed, but there were a couple of good ones, having now progressed quite a bit on the touch-up skills thing, I could also make some nicely artistic photos out of shots that really didn’t lend themselves to it easilly (like background blurs to highlight a person in a cluttered location).

Enjoy the results, I think their the best I’ve done yet.

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