Mar 122008

After a hiatus of several months in which I spend a lot of time planning and thinking about what I wanted to achieve with the comic, I am happy to announce that ScarToonz is back. I have some very interesting plans now, and some new ideas. A lot of the old traditions will be changing but the things that made ScarToonz work in the first place will remain.

Doing a webcomic is hard work at the best of times, but it is also a lot of fun. The trouble was, it stopped being fun at one point because of the sheer pressure to keep coming up with good jokes and finding time for it all. I think my new ideas will reduce a lot of the pressure and let me focus on why I did the comic in the first place: I like to make people laugh.

So here’s hoping that you will enjoy the all new, all groovy ScarToonz comics.

Sep 162007

ScarToonz has become one of the founding members of Insignificant Comics a comic collective specifically focussed on smaller comics. I think it is a great idea. There are loads of comics on the net that are really good, but have serious trouble getting noticed. I always said getting return visitors is a matter of the quality of your work, but that first visit is not – that is a matter of the quality of your marketing. Most of us smaller guys, who do this for  a hobby have understandably smaller budgets. We’re not making a living out of this, and we cannot afford massive ad campaigns, but we do want to be read. A collective that focuses on helping us do that – well I love the idea.

Aug 312007

By public demand (one person IS a member of the public !), I have resurrected my [tag]webcomic[/tag] scartoonz. A few small changes:
1) The new ones have a slightly more advanced CMS so I can spend less time hacking to do it.
2) The jokes are even worse.
3) I deserve to be strangled even harder.

Have fun (or something)

Apr 032007

Saying I “drew” it would probably get my shot in the street, heck I must be taking chances with saying “wrote”. but actually it’s not just mediocre webcomic, it’s a deliberate piece of satire making deep hillarious fun of how bad most entertainment has become (yeah right :p)

Anyway, if you don’t actually like having eyeballs, go to

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