Here you will find my non-technical writing including stories, plays and articles.Each are linked below, along with a short description:

  • Damien - Several years ago I led a collaborative writing and roleplaying group. This story was the introduction to what would become one of my favorite characters. It's horror with a touch of subtle erotica.
  • Lake (Erotic) - Erotic story, set in a lake
  • Limelight - This is a political drama set in the realm recent South African history and current events.
  • Photography Session (Erotic) - My longtime collaborator in erotic fiction, Sue Lee wrote the vast majority of this story alone as a "cheer me up" attempt one day when I was ill. I guess it worked because in the end I was joining in rather than just reading.
  • Bridging the distance (Erotic) - An early piece of collaborative erotic writing. About phone sex.
  • Two old men (By Uwe Thiem) - I did not write or collaborate on this story at all. It was written by my long-time friend Uwe Thiem (a published author in his own right) but he never completed it as he passed away. As I had been providing editorial feedback I had his last draft and after consulting with his other friends - we agreed to publish it here so that his final work would not be lost to posterity.
  • Eggs and Chips - My very first ever attempt at writing a love story. Don't even bother, it's horrible. I only put it up here to remind myself how bad I once was at this.
  • Fire in the streets - This is not exactly a post-apocalyptic science fiction story. It's more of a final memoirs of somebody experiencing an apocalyptic event.
  • The hotel (Erotic) - A British tourist, a hot South African day - and a handsome stranger in a hotel.
  • The darkness of the spirit - A short story about love and murder.
  • The spirit of the darkness - This is the companion story to "The darkness of the spirit". It's a very mythological ghost story.
  • The power of God - One of my all time favorite plays, it's heavily inspired by the theater-of-the-absurd movement.
  • The Fallen Lamb (Erotic Horror) - An erotic story co-authored with Chantelle Goosen for a writingcompetiton.
  • The Anderson Files: Uniondale (01) - First story in the Anderson Files series of science-fiction Ghost Stories.
  • The Anderson Files: Thief in the Night (File 02) - The second story in the Anderson File's series, where our intrepid heroes take on a monster that permeates South African folklore across many cultures and we get to learn quite a bit more about Karen's past.
  • The Anderson Files: 3 Heavy Metal - The third story in the Anderson File's series. Our intrepid heroes face the ghost of one of South Africa's first ever serial killers.