A tiny bit of nostalgia

Sidenote: I inserted an extra verse to this later, when I realized I left something important out

When I was fifteen the world looked so simple
there wasn’t any major wars and the future looked bright
all I cared about was image
but I was starting to see things right.
Steven Seagal’s life looked like a noble goal
and Steven Tyler had a hole in his soul.

Girls were growing boobs
and all I dreamed off was getting a peek
I read my first girly-mag and saw things
that made me feel excited and weak
Every wind-whipped skirt caused a hypnotized stare
And Bon Jovi was living on a prayer.

Some of my friends were losing their virginity
And I couldn’t even get a date
To think I used to envy these people,
When I visit my hometown they are still here, stuck in the same state
I discovered teenage masturbation
And Kurt Cobain’s “rape me” was banned from every station.

Superbikes were the epitome of cool
Even as some of my friends crashed-and-burned
Too many funerals – I was starting to learn
To see past the surface and into the cruel.
Every Saturday I ditched my chores
And Greenday was told that their life was a bore

I remember that even back then
I was a hopeless romantic
In highschool that’s not exactly a popularity booster
But I did kina make up for it with witty semantics
The geek was doubling as the class-clown
And manowar had a ring and a crown.

A thinking, questioning teenager
from the heart of the nintendo generation
I remember the one time my dad maxed out the volume
when a rugby match briefly united our nation.
I couldn’t really figure out what I wanted to do,
and meatloaf was ready to lie for you.

When I was fifteen, I began to develop
what would become my lifelong obsession,
while writing my first real poetry,
With the right to the freedom of self-expression.
Between the man I am and the boy I remember,
Axl Rose got rained on in November.