Aphrodite Incarnate

A lovesong for Megan


Share with me a moment

Bear with me a while

As I try to find the words

To describe your perfect smile

Stare with me at starlight

Blend with me your soul

Let this moment last a lifetime

Let's make each other whole


Live with me a moment

Lie with me a night

Let me look into your eyes

Drown in their lovely sight

Find with me a romance

Seek with me a dream

Float with me gently

Down love's most placid stream


Rest with me forever

While I try to understand

How you can change the whole world

Everytime, you touch my hand.

  • http://railean.net Alex

    That’s a beautiful poem! Thanks for sharing.

    //Fellow slashdotter from Moldova

    • http://silentcoder.co.za A.J. Venter

      Thank you for the kind words.