Aspect of death

Okay so this is entirely outside my usual writing sphere… but I thought it was an idea I had to try


I am the soldier of the light

With swinging sword and healing touch

I am the holy blessed knight

Hammer of the righteous

Paladin fight.



Splat, goes the weasel, whatcha gonna do ?

Guess what I just one-shotted you !

My rage unleashed and all the world is burning

Feel my fury from the maelstrom's churning

You have no future, this is my land now

I am the aspect of death, kneel down and bow ! 

Bring on Alexstrazza, Let the Titans come

Deathwing is back and the world is undone.



I am cat and I am bear

I am your tree and I am your night-elf

I am even sea-lion so beware

Oathen to protect all nature

Druid, hippy-warrior… stop and stare



Laying out a totem pole

elemental force

balance it around my soul

Unleashed in a fury

Shammy makes a hole



Explosive freakin' shot

My spider pet will leave you drained

My bowstrings are so hot

I got a wolf and a crocolisk

Hunter yeah, gatherer not



Sneaky stealthing right up near

Feel my poisonous blade

Slash and stab and stun you dear

pick your pockets

Rogue does it from the rear



I'm gonna freeze you out

How you gonna dodge my rain of ice ?

Momma said freeze you out

Flame and fortune bring it on

Mage gonna freeze you out !



Bladestorm roflcopter hit you with an axe 

I am true force of arms! 

All your punches are my tasty snacks

And I'm not even berserk yet

Warrior slam warrior smash !



Empowered by the darkened shades

I am your slow and painful death

Run away from my demon slaves

While I torture and corrupt you for my own gain

Warlock shadowmaster, summoner of hades