Batteries Not Included

Batteries Not Included is a poetry collection I published in 2005. It can still be ordered on line (just click the title in the beginning there or the cover image below), but after my 29th birthday, I published all the actual poems from it here on my blog as well. If you wish to order it from a normal bookstore, you can do so using the ISBN Number:978-1-4116-5809-7 If you just wish to read the poems, you can find them all by using the navigation menu on the left. The book is a full cover collection with artistic illustrations which are themselves rather nice pieces of visual art and really adds atmosphere to the poems so buying it still has value, but ultimately – poetry is about the words, and those I share here. Batteries not included -cover Here is the author's introduction from the book:

About 5 years ago, I saw a sign on the wall of a rock club. I had frequented this club for a long time as there were always good bands and a great vibe, but this was the first time I saw that sign. The sign read “Poetry night, every second Thursday”. I had written some poetry before then, but seeing that sign would change the entire direction of my life, I was lost at the time, but poetry nights at Tequila Sunrise gave me direction, came in where my education had let up and gave me a new perspective on the world. I went beyond crying for the world, to a true belief that it could be changed. Poetry was one part of me, doing a little bit to help – the bit intended to get other people to do their bit as well. What is everyone's bit ? Well it can be many things, but for starters – thinking for yourself. If I demand one thing from my fellow humans it's to use the brains they have – not be geniuses as such, just question, criticize, learn. Most of these poems were written in the darkness, most of them reflect that darkness but they are not dark poems. Their message is of hope, hidden behind the cries of despair is the believe that the darkness can be beaten – that it's actually worth writing a poem. May tomorrow be a brighter day… every tomorrow.

A.J. Venter, June 1, 2005