Been There, Done That, Got the T-Shirt

This one has an interesting history. For one Tequila Sunrise poetry night, we were given a theme to write on. The theme was: Happiness Is. I wasn’t writing happy poetry at the time and in a classic case of the Venter obtuseness – I wrote this

Been There
Done That
Got the T-Shirt
So What ?

Saw That
Bought This
Screwed Her,
So What ?

Drank This
Stole That
Wrote There
So What ?

Been There
Done That
Got The T-Shirt
Happiness is what happened while I was earning T-Shirts

  • Kay

    You say “obtuse” like it’s a bad thing ….

  • A.J. Venter

    I most certainly did not… I merely stated it as a known attribute of my personality. I never said I didn’t *like* it ;)