Cold Wall

Trust me to write a poem about the cold war and what it said about the human condition – ten years after it came down – and now it’s ten years since I wrote it.

Cold Wall
The wall is in my head
The wall is only in my head
But I am not the one who put it there

May those who built it up
be the first against it.

The wall was in Berlin
The wall was through the collective soul of mankind

I ask you what is truly worse –
A wall through the world,
or a wall through the mind ?

Cold was the night,
Cold was the war,
Frozen was the heart

The war was for the future
The war lies in the past
The memory is the scar of a wound that never heals again.

I fear what the future might hold.
But I am not afraid to live –
Only when you face your fears can you change the future
Only when you break down the wall in your head can you see the truth.
Only when you know the truth, can you know love.
Only when you know love can you change the future for the better

And there is but one source of truth and love…