If I die tonight

If I die tonight – could I be content ?
Could I say I’ve touched my dreams ?
Could I say I’ve made a difference ?
How, when there are letters yet unsent ?

If I die tonight – could I be satisfied ?
Could I say I broke they mould that made me ?
Could I say I’ve reached my potential ?
How, when there are words I’ve merely sighed.

If I die tonight – could I look down with a smile ?
Could I say I took on the world and gave it my best ?
Could I say I was always true to myself ?
How, when I still feel like I haven’t run the final mile.

If I die tonight – could I ever truly rest ?
Could I say “I’ve done my bit”
Could I lay down my head and close my eyes ?
No, I would have to go kicking and screaming

I would have to fight for one more day
On more chance to pass the test.