This is the first in a series of poems I wrote which I call the “it” poems. “It” being a kind of collective noun for the reality of life

It’s all in the mind
It’s all in the darkest corners of the soul
It’s all part of a scary midnight dream
And maybe that’s a good thing after all

When you look at the world with an open mind
And your not even scared
I don’t call that bravery
I call that being weird
And I know what you are thinking
Behind my back you say that I’m insane
So what if I’ve been drinking
You know it’s napalm for the brain

It’s all a frightening fairy tale
It’s all a great big lie
It’s all part of the mask you wear
And maybe the truth isn’t worth a try

Fry your thoughts with gasoline bombs
Fight for retribution
Blame it all on your environment
And miscommunication

Hit yourself with cat-on-nine-tails
Like a monk in the medieval plague
Hide from the truth in a deep dark cave
The plague of our time is “the vague”

Live for each second
like there is no tomorrow.
The future is now
And it’s still pain and sorrow

It’s all a big surprise
It’s all part of a master plan
It’s beauty in the eye of the beholder
And maybe one day he’ll see it. One day, when he can.