Oi Vey, this one. The very last poem I wrote before I stopped writing for nearly 4 years. And in a classic example of the circular roads history taken, the same thing that started and inspired it, ended as I started to write again. Adding irony to insult to injury, it was the closing poem of the book.

Now that you’ve shown me what it means to be alive
I realize I’ve never really known before
I’ve existed, moved and breathed
but everything was eventually a bore

Now that you’ve shown me what means to be loved
I realize, I’ve never truly loved before
I’ve had passion and romance and caring
but somehow I always knew there should be more

Now that you’ve come into my life and completed me
I realize I’ve never been whole before
I’ve just been a shell of the man I ought to be
you’ve given me a world I’d never imagined before

Now that you’ve touched the heart of me
I realize it’s always been frozen before
I’ve tried to be a good man
but now thanks to you, I can be a great one.

For that I owe you my body and my soul
my loyalty, protection, dedication
my everything for ever.