On the street: 3am

I wrote this during my first few weeks at university back in 1999. Looking at it now, it somehow fails to be anything like as powerful as I had hoped, but it was still a valuable step – it was part of the start of my journey as a poet – and comparing it to newer poems, I can take some pride in how my art had been honed over the years. Of course it’s also one of several poems I wrote about the dangers of drug addiction. Losing several friends to it during my teenage years, it was something of a recurring theme in my early work I guess.

A gun is cocked.
A syringe is filled
The dealers are stocked
And the victims are billed

But it’s early morning
Dawn is on it’s way
To hide our shame
In the light of day

A shot is pulled
A needle strikes flesh
No one is fooled, by the packet in the trash

A barrel is smoking
A black new penetration.
The girl is choking
Sin pays for addiction

An hour or so
A short time to wait
Society is a daytime show
To hide from ourselves what we hate