Shiny Happy People

There’s more evil in a little flower,
Than in hell’s blackest recess.
There’s more darkness in a little child’s eyes
Than in the blackest hole in space.

That’s why:
I’m not one
Of the shiny, happy people
Cos I’m living in a sick world.
Sorry, If I seem to real
Sorry, If I’m not blind
Didn’t mean to be so morbid

There’s more perversion in a bank,
Than in the hottest porn.
There’s enough power in every hand
To kill a newborn

There’s enough lies in your eyes,
To keep your mouth busy for a year.
There’s enough said in your sighs,
To fill my soul with fear

There’s enough teeth in a puppy,
To kill a little bird
There’s too much, too much everything
For me to love this world