Sugar and Lice

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This one is interesting, no less than three people whose opinions matter to me have told me over the years that they think it’s my best poem… I personally consider it one of my worst. It is certainly my corniest, I guess it depends on whether you think corny is good or bad

Sugar and Lice and a rat in the cupboard
And all the cups are broken
Sugar and lice and a cat on the carpet
And the threads are becoming unwoven

Sugar and Lice and broken windows
Sugar and Lice and a tear on your cheek
Sugar and Lice and a letter from the bank
Sugar and Lice and a bond to pay
Sugar and Lice and the ceilings that crank
Sugar and Lice and a crying baby
Sugar and Lice for my sugar and spice
Sugar and lice are the two sides of life
Where-ever there’s sugar, there is the Lice
But at least where the lice goes, there is the sugar.