Black for a day

My friend Emma actually did this, showed us pictures and talked about why she did it… and inspired this poem. Thanks to Richard for contributing an awesome line to the chorus.


1. She painted her face and she redid her hair

Would people stop, would they stare ?

Would they notice, would they care ? 

She wanted to know what they'd say

If she was black for a day



To understand the situation

Empathy for the the equation

To be the inspiration

for interracial masturbation 

To feel the other way

To be black for a day



She wanted to feel in her  heart

What it's like to play the other part

To get off to a different start

She went out of her way

To be black for a day



She tried to feel across the divide

To those who had been pushed aside

For what the experience could provide

To feel if it's okay

To be black for a day



A trip of exploration

A personal dissertation

Without fear or condemnation

She had to stray

to be black for a day



To broaden her horizons

To be a little wizened


She just wanted to play

She was black for a day