Cherryblossom scent

Step out of the shower,
cherryblossom scent
wrap yourself in a fluffy towel
smile and know for whom it’s meant

Step into your room,
close the door behind you
drop your towel on the floor
there’s something you just have to do.

Sit on your chair,
put your feet on the tabletop
smile a naughty smile as you type
to tease me again, and never stop

Look at the last droplets
hanging from your nipples
sensitive and erect
your face reflected in the ripples

Feel your skin tingling
feel a growing need
A hunger for fullfillment
the animal inside must feed

Watch you’re breasts heaving
you’re breathing become short
The thoughts burning through your mind
“Oh wow, I feel so hot”

Trail your fingertip down
through the soft and curly hair
feel your blossom opening
tell me you wish I was there

Your fingertip slides in you
your eyes for a moment close
picturing me above you
to gently kiss the rose

the glistening of the flower
the cherryblossom scent
you pussy quivering for me
hungry, and intent

You lips so slightly parted
as above, so below
your breath becoming ragged
your thoughts becoming slow

You swim through lusting imagery
from the woman in your mind
your thumb rubbing the nub
desperately to find

You’re wishing I was with you
you’re wishing you could taste
you’re wishing you could touch me
no, rush, no speed, no haste

Your body starts to shiver
you feel the pressure build
you bite your lip not to scream
you want to be fullfilled

You groan out softly as you come
your muscles squeezing tightly
Longing for the feel of me
thrusting in you mightily

Finally you sag down
“was wonderful” you slowly type
“My fantasies fullfilled right now,
my pussy feels so ripe”

You laugh at what I answer
you smile up at the ceiling
you crawl into your bed to sleep
your hand sneaks down again. Feeling…