For Megan


All my life I've been a hopeless romantic

Sucks to be me

All I ever got was broken hearts

Still what you are is what you gotta be


And then I met a dark-eyed girl

A princess of the night

And every piece of ancient shrapnel from my heart

Says I should run in fright


But I am not afraid

Instinctively I  trust my lady

You bring out my natural chivalry

You bring out the prince charming in me


Dark maiden with your shy smile

I wish to be your shining armor knight

I think you deserve to be treated like a princess

Tonight, and every night


We live our lives embracing fantasy

And when you touched my hand

I realized I felt something

too intense to understand


So maybe all I've ever known

says I should run and hide

but I cannot run from you

With a whisper, you've crawled inside


If I'm over the top please forgive me

I guess it's just who I am

a hopeless romantic into chivalry

My lady, your perfect gentle man