Do you know?

For Megan. I miss you terribly tonight I as I write this. Come home soon, safe and sound.


Do you know

What I saw when I first saw you ?

That you light up the world when you smile ?

That you rock my life with your style ?

That you gave new meaning to what is true ?


Do you know ?

What I knew when I first knew you ?

That your eyes contain a million years ? 

That your kind words allay all my fears ?

The heroic deeds you make me want to do ?


Do you know ?

What I felt when I first felt you ?

That the sun exists to light your face ?

That you're the purpose of the human race ?

That all I want is to be near you ?


Do you know ?

Do you realize ? 

That if love exists it lives in your eyes ?

That your every sigh a sigh beget ?

Do you know  it yet ?