Epic folk song

Perpetrate preposterous perspiration
Travel in the footsteps of a hero
Fight a monster, beat the odds
Save the girl for some pulsing penetration.

As I was walking along
The highway to the dark place
I saw myself reflected
Something felt so wrong

I wasn’t all that certain
but my heart was beating faster
I couldn’t name the person
of the face behind the curtain

I travelled in behind her
feeling trepidatious
nervous curiosity
I knew I had to find her

She flitted between shadows
this dark and scary lady
glimpses in corner
Her eyes deep as the gallows

Mesmerized I trailed her
like so many before me
has anyone ever found her ?
Even if they nailed her ?

The spirit of a woman
is never quite revealed
it’s hidden behind layers
who really finds it ? No man.

Behind the underwires
and make-up and silk stockings
behind the batting lashes
is the fuel for all life’s fires

Ever on I she haunts me
never to surrender
While I live on in yearning
ever on she taunts me

I haven’t found the answer
to living without love yet
and love is made and broken
like the sweatbeads on the dancer

So one day if I reach it
the secret place she hides
will I there find freedom ?
Or eternal imprisonment ?

Who knows and who really cares ?
I can’t stop if I want to
I’m spellcasted like all men
by what’s hidden in her stares.