Sooner or later it will be the day before I die
And I’ll finally join the majority
It’s the one fashion you can’t avoid following
There is no option for non-conformity.

And when that day comes
how much will you really care ?
How many of you even know…
that I want you to play “Living on a prayer” ?

It’s the fade-to-black at the end of scene
but at least it’s equality
We all get to ride in the last limousine
We all get to test the duality.

But… I’m not dead yet… until then…

I am the master
When I’m not the slave
I am the touch
I’m badly behaved
Never deprived
But always depraved

Freedom is just another word
For learning to let go
Another secret sacrifice
To the gods of sex and rock and roll.

Under-analise my mind for a change
Under-utilize my brain
Get some respite from it’s eternal buzz
Take some time to deal with the pain.