James O’Barr


In a detroit trailer park

one morning in the dark

An alcoholic mom

gave birth to a baby son

So drunk was she that morn

she could not later say

What date he had been born

So the hospital chose New Years Day



Nine years he spent drawing, 

for nobody to see

He never could have guessed

what his work would mean to me

It was just his personal


The greatest love story I ever read

How justice can transcend the dead

Tell me do you know ?

About the man who drew the crow



In an orphanage for seven years

a little boy alone with his fears

No parents and no friends

Lonely without end

His only way to deal

With the feelings he did feel

With the emptiness so raw

Was to take a pencil and draw



Sixteen years was he

when he met Beverly

The light to a boy so dark

When he faded she was the spark

She was the yang to his yin

She was the joy to his world

The glow she had within

Made him madly love that girl



Three years together passed

And then some stupid ass

Got drunk and in a car

And struck her to the tar

Too soon her love was stole

And James was ripped apart

In his life an empty hole

A shattered teenage heart



He put his pain in every line

To stop himself, his slow decline

And made a tale of love so deep

That death itself could not keep

Love's justice from being done

Of Eric's vengeance from the grave

A final chance to write the wrong

Shelly's soul to save




  • http://www.facebook.com/kristen.petty.129 Kristen Petty

    Wow, this was awesome, man! Good job! :)

    • http://silentcoder.co.za/ A.J. Venter (silentcoder)

      Thank you.