For Anita

I was living in my very own emptiness
Sensory deprivation of the soul
When a chance conversation led to a chance meeting
and sudden reconnection with the goal.

She was everything I needed and I floundered
drowning in her sensuality
She has filled the void in my existence
filled the gap in my reality.

The best thing about coming home
is the first time moment I see her
the worst thing about going to work
is the last moment she’ll be there.

When she’s stroking my hair
When I’m kissing her thigh
When our hearts beat together
I couldn’t care less if the end is nigh.

Time passes slowly when she there
every second stretching into infinite joys
Pleasure never-ending in her stare
Lost in classic tales of girls meet boys.

There are no words to describe her
that’s why I haven’t even tried
my art cannot encompass how she’s awesome,
but I can tell you how she makes me feel inside.

  • ani

    thank you.
    and ditto.