Non Timetus Messor


Feed your  soul with memories

raindrops in it's parched Sahara

Go sightseeing along the road

to the appointment in Samara

Find yourself, your inner core,

dig ever deeper.

And do not fear the reaper.



We all know that life is short

We all know it must end

Do not let it be for naught

Strive yourself and your world to mend



Every moment you're still breathing

Is a blessing to rejoice

Every moment until you're leaving

A chance to make a choice.



Let never your eyes be blinded

By the urge to poses

There's spiritual wealth you can find it

 In an affectionate caress



Embrace what can't be stolen

What none can take away

Thy true self be emboldened

Thy true emotions to say



This life is but an instant

Of blessed consciousness

Make it matter in this moment

And pass without regrets



The title of this piece is the family motto of the Sto Helit family in the Discworld series and is literally translated as "Don't fear the reaper" a reference to the song of the same name by the rock band Blue Oyster Cult.

The appointment in Samara is a classic Arabian story about a man who receives an omen of his imminent death and hoping to avoid it starts a desperate flight to the nearby city of Samara as he congratulates himself on having avoided death, Death appears to him and says "I wasn't in those places, I had an appointment with you this evening in Samara"