Spinning in the delusional infatuations
“Out of my mind” is a damn short trip
Dealing with conflicting situations
Falling through a space-time rip

I’m not here for your entertainment
but damn I like to entertain you
A prisoner of my own detainment
Why would you let your fears constrain you ?

I’m high on metal and down with punk
I’m lost in the six-string Elysia
Poetic lyrics get me psychodrunk
I’ll shout it out loud for your pleasure.

Come with me on the road never traveled before
Let our minds go find the bottom of the gutter
I’ll be your Tarzan if you’ll be my little whore
Grab the camera, hear the click of the shutter

Making memories out of the swirling void
Making love out of the human condition
Making friends out of androids
Making peace with my ancient decisions

Never again to countenance regret
Never again to recognize mistakes
Living onward, dreams to beget
Forgetting the liars and the fakes

In every moment, renewed
Somewhere outside lies the deep, empty dark
Happy to become unglued
Come with me on my psychovirtual lark

I don’t know where I’m going
but follow me anyway
You could never get there knowing
But you may find out today.