Sales of a deaf man

There’s a crack in the floor and it broke and I fell
All the world’s a stage ? Is that true ?
And from the back of the crowd I hear somebody yell
“It’s just a stage you’re going through”

I’ve broken my bones and I’ve broken my heart
I’ve broken myself many times over
Star-crossed lovers stir-crazy to start
It’s the sad lonely song of the plover

In the corner of a bar sat an old man
making love to his tonic and gin
the jukebox is playing Eminem’s “Stan”
He’s forever out of touch now, you can see it in his grin

As I look at him I wonder
Is that me in fifty-odd years,
At the end of a road torn asunder ?
I light up a smoke and order more beers

I came here to bury myself
not to honor me.
The words of the bard are bad for my health
they trigger the thoughts that corner me

Tomorrow I’ll wake up and I’ll be okay
who cares if I fall asleep crying ?
I don’t and you shouldn’t either I say
We live, live some more, and end up dying.