Skid Mark

When it's raining over main road

And it's covered in dreary cloud

And you cannot find your voice

But you want to scream out loud

And you struggle for emotion

And your dry skin begs for lotion

And a tequila magic potion

Like the wild and stormy ocean

And you don't know how you could survive this day

Because you're feeling like a skid mark on the devil's lingerie


So you try to talk to someone new

A therapist or stranger 

And you realize that all you knew

Was just a wrongful danger

And you battle for your sanity

Against this life's inanity

The bleeding inhumanity

Your  screams are just profanity

And you cannot find the words to express what you want to say

You're just feeling like a skid mark on the devil's lingerie


Then you look into the eyes of  her

who makes your heart skip a beat

And you shine out like a fire in the night

And open up your eyes and feel the heat

Till you feel your cheeks are glistening

And your ears for ever listening

Like the sermon at a christening

The fever has you blistering

And you know that it don't matter and it's okay

Even if you're just a skid mark in the devil's lingerie