Solitude Manifesto


I reject your morality

And substitute my own

Because when all is said and done

I may be better off alone.


I have given up the goal

of being Mister Right.

I may be dead tomorrow

But I’m still alive tonight.


If I wander aimlessly

it doesn’t mean I’m lost

I know the way you walk

I just don’t want to pay the cost.


If I fail to be a hero

And all I touch is damned

The only thing left living for

Is being true to who I am.


Beyond the road less travelled

Far from the beaten path

Lies the undiscovered country

And the mystery of love.


I may, or may not find it

But if I’m going to try

I have to go my own way

Even if before I do, I die.


And in the meantime as I go

There’s a world so full of wonder

A million memories to make

Beyond the well-known yonder.


Every day so much to learn

New tastes and touches to feel.

So much to do, so little time.

But with each release, I heal.


I am not a follower

And I don’t want to lead

I don’t care if you come along

If I go alone indeed.


And that’s my manifesto

My statement of intent

I live each moment like my last

Each word I say, is meant.