Southern Comfort

I asked for somebody to be my muse and inspire a sexy poem. I received something from Janice Dauberman, so in her honor I present this poem – directly inspired by her request:
I see the need in your eyes
I feel the steam from your thighs
I smile
And I kiss my way, all the way, down
Below the hem of your silky nightgown
I feel the quickening of your heart
as I drink your Southern Comfort.
I feel the tension building in you
I taste the illustrious, moaning dew
I smile
Drenching me in your extatic joy
Baptism of thanks for a boy
I promise I won’t stop short
I’m drinking your Southern Comfort.
Sip the hot tea below the waist
No drop should ever go to waste
I smile
Feel you shaking
Feel you quaking
Teased, Release, Retort
Kiss me and share your Southern Comfort.