The seventh arm of doctor Octopus

I haven't attempted write a lyric style poem in ages… today I want to.


The evil dark lords have all the fun

doomsday weapons to hurl

and frickin' sharks with frickin laserbeams

and the hero never really gets the girl



So I falter at the sixth seal of the book

at the first tie of the noose

At the third head of the hydra

At the seventh arm of Doctor Octopus.

On the verge of victory lies the hardest fight of all

the fight I cannot win nor lose because it happens in my own soul


In a hollowed out volcano

Or space-station the size of a moon

It's my own inner demons I must face

the true source of my doom


There's a hero beating on the inside of my skull

And I'm his greatest nemesis

I am the vulture of my own rotting corpse

the snake of my own genesis