Too good to be true

For Anita

All my life I didn’t want to know
no matter how often I got burned
that there is no gold at the end of the rainbow,
the lesson I never could have learned.

Too good to be true or it’s not good enough

Today I am happy that I didn’t learn
today I’m rejoicing that I don’t know how to give up
today I am shining inside just a bit
today I have filled the void with real hope

Love you just as you are, or it wouldn’t be love

You made me feel accepted
like I’m already good enough
you make me feel like dancing
you make want to laugh.

Perfection can mean many things and all of them are you

You reminded me how great is the feeling
the makes your knees start to shake
and your mind start freewheeling
nothing impressive, nothing showy, nothing fake.

In your arms I’m always happy, not matter what we do

If this lasts a week and a half
and it all was just a rebound
you’ll still be a wonderful memory
ever haunting me around

I’m yours without defenses, nothing is held back anymore

And if this lasts a lifetime
I couldn’t be more blessed
is this the dumbest thing I ever did ?
maybe, but it’s still the best.

There’s not such thing as too good to be true, and playing it safe is just a bore.

  • Rost